Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Finds and Follows: 20 February 2015

Articles and posts that caught my eye:

New list of Canadian online resources by Gail Dever at Genealogy à la carte - I've added Gail's blog to the long list of Canadian geneabloggers I follow because of my own extensive Canadian ancestry. In this case, Gail is referencing another geneablogger, Jo Henn, whose list of Canadian online resources is da bomb!

The Benefits of Genealogy Blogging by Jana Last at Jana's Genealogy and Family History Blog - Jana has great reasons why she blogs her genealogy, and I can say "Amen!" to each one.

Which Research Path To Follow? by Lee Drew at Lineagekeeper's Genealogy Blog  - I've been thinking the same thing Lee has lately: What's going to happen to my research after I'm gone? What's the best use of the time I have left on this planet?

Copyright and the genealogy lecture and Credit and copyright by Judy G. Russell at The Legal Genealogist - Sigh. Unfortunately, Judy has to, once again, remind conference-goers that using speakers' handouts, photographing their slides, and recording their presentations is off-limits (without permission).

Vanished mental-health archives stymie genealogists by Joe Smydo at the Pittsburg Post-Gazette - This is another one I've puzzled over. I, too, have ancestors in the distant past who were incarcerated in institutions. Their mental health issues may be hereditary. But can I access their records? Why not?

Historical Document Photo-shopped on Dr. Henry Louis Gates' Program by George Geder on his LinkedIn account - You'll have to have a LinkedIn account to read this, but I hope you will. This is a troubling revelation, even if it was done in the interest of saving time.

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