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Surname Saturday: HACKLER


HACKLER originally was HECHLER. According to the Dictionary of American Family Names, it is German, an "occupational name for a comber of flax." This paternal line of my children's was a Palatine family (a group of people from the Palatinate in Germany, seeking religious freedom in America), but originated in Alsace.

Stories and History:

Ahnentafel #2496 - Jacob HECHLER (dates unknown) - born in Rott, Alsace, Germany (this area is now part of France). Married Margaret STAUBLER. Some researchers have stated that Jacob and Margaret were the parents of Johann Georg, below, instead of Hans and Susanna.

Ahnentafel #1248 - Hans Georg HECHLER (1708 - c. 1773) - born in Birlenbach, North Alsace. He apparently immigrated with his wife, Susanna HAULIN (1710 - 1790), and five children on the ship, Barclay, in late summer of 1754 from Rotterdam, under the command of Captain John BROWN, disembarking on 14 September 1754. Hans George and and his 19-year-old son, Martin, were among the 41 men who signed with an "X" when they disembarked. Hans George was indentured in order to pay for his family's passage. They moved to Manchester Township, York County, Pennsylvania in 1761. The following year, Hans George and Martin purchased 185 acres of land from John Blasser, for which they made a down payment of 20 pounds. Later, Martin moved to Mississippi; another son, (Johann) Georg moved to Virginia; and the third son, Jacob, remained in Pennsylvania. There were also two daughters, Elizabeth and Barbara. Hans Georg died in York County and is buried in Quickels Lutheran Church Cemetery in Zions View. Susanna probably lived with one of her children in Pennsylvania after Hans Georg's death, for she is died in Bedford County in that state and is buried in Samuels Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery in Lavansville, Somerset County.

Ahnentafel #624 - Johann Georg HECHLER (1743 - c. 1821) - possibly born in Ingleheim, the Palatine, Prussia (now Germany), he appears to have immigrated with his parents to Pennsylvania at the age of 11 in 1754. He married Elizabeth PETER (c. 1747 - c. 1786) around 1765 in York County. They had five known children. Georg and Elizabeth removed to Grayson County, Virginia, where George died in the community of Elk Creek. Some records show his death in 1819. He and Susanna are buried in Alexander Sutherland Cemetery in Elk Creek.

Ahnentafel #312 - Peter HACKLER (1771 - c. 1838) - born in York County, he married Mackalana "Molly" DELP (c. 1778 - bef 1841) in Grayson County, Virginia in 1799. They had ten known children.

Ahnentafel #156 - George HACKLER (1800 - 1881) - lived his entire life in Grayson County. There he married Mary "Polly" HAMPTON (1802 - 1890) in 1820. They had six sons. He appears in The Hackler-Hechler Family with many references to buying and selling land, much of it to family members. One parcel he owned with John WALSH and there they dug for gold before selling it to Peter HACKLER (probably his brother).

Ahnentafel #78 - Griggs HACKLER (1821 - 1884) - born in Virginia, he married Sena BARTON (1824 - 1865) in 1840. They had eight children. Griggs was named for his great-grandmother's line; his maternal grandfather's mother.

Ahnentafel #39 - Mary "Polly" A. HACKLER (1848 - 1878) - she was born in Grayson County, and was the first wife of Mahlon F. COLLINS (1846 - 1887), whom she married there in 1869. They had five children before she died at age 30 in Baywood, Grayson County. Polly is buried in Cross Roads Church Cemetery in Baywood.

Ahnentafel #19 - Senna "Senie" COLLINS (1870 - 1950) - born in Grayson County, Senie moved west with her father, stepmother, and siblings to Battle Creek, Madison County, Nebraska, where she met and married Clark Pleasant R. TOLLIVER (1861 - 1918) from North Carolina. They were married on 3 Jul 1886 and had nine children. The family migrated to Hotchkiss Township, Delta County, Colorado, where they met the MIDKIFF family. Two of their children married MIDKIFFs, and both families migrated further west into California in the 1910s. Clark died in 1918, and Senie remained unmarried for the rest of her life, another 32 years, living mainly with her children in the Los Angeles area. She died in Los Angeles, and was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, in Glendale. I was able to visit her grave in 2010 while attending Jamboree.

Ahnentafel #9 - Margie Ethel TOLLIVER (1889 - 1977)

Ahnentafel #4 - John Franklin MIDKIFF, II (1910 - 1957)

Ahnentafel #2 - my children's paternal grandfather (living)

Ahnentafel #1 - my children's father (living)

More About the HACKLER Family:

1. Online database (I update this at least once a month): HACKLER and HECHLER ancestors and relatives (no info on living persons available)

2. Posts about HACKLER ancestors and relatives on this blog

3. The Hackler-Hechler Family by W. Leroy Hackler, published in 1994 - not available online; the link is to the WorldCat listing. An index authored by Hackler and Karen P. Meyers was published in 1997.

My Children's HACKLER Immigration Trail:

Germany > York Co., PA > Grayson Co., PA > Lawrence Co., IN > Madison Co., NE > Delta Co., CO > Mesa Co., CO > Custer Co., ID > Los Angeles and/or Butte Co., CA > Yakima Co., WA > Thurston Co., WA > Clark Co., WA > Spokane Co., WA

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Rebecca Hackler said...

Hi, Searching for info on Hacklers, i cam across your blog.. My husbands family is mostly from Redding Ca . Francis Hackler would be John's grandfather..

Unknown said...

My birth fathers is champion Lincoln hackler jr from Tennessee my grandmas is rose hackler and my grandpa is Chapman Lincoln hackler sr eather died in Tennessee or still live in Tennessee