Saturday, February 08, 2014

RootsTech: Day Three

I'm at RootsTech, a Family History and Technology Conference in Salt Lake City. Today, Saturday, was the third day of the conference, and was sponsored by Here are my thoughts:

On the final day of RootsTech, I did not attend the General Session. I felt I needed to sleep in and take the morning slowly, as I knew I would have to be up early to catch my flight on Sunday and then jump right into the work week. I debated whether to go to any of the sessions at all and looked carefully at the schedule. Because it was Youth Day, many of the presentations were geared for youth, beginners, or members of the LDS church, although there were definitely some offerings for others. Since it was my last day in Salt Lake City, I felt I should take advantage of a last chance to get some research done at the Family History Library. I was not to be disappointed!

In a book titiled Indigent Soldiers Burial Records for Lapeer County, Michigan, I found a death date and and burial date and place for my ancestor, Anthony FREDENBURG. I long have tried to find confirmation of a single family mention of his death date The best part was discovering he was a Civil War soldier....this makes my NINTH Civil War soldier direct ancestor...and all on my dad's side!

I went back to the Library after lunch and copied a number of obituaries for various ancestors from different counties in Michigan. Then I went over to the Salt Palace's Expo Hall to be present in case my name was called for prizes! Unfortunately, it was not, but my roomie, Donna Potter Phillips, won a DNA kit from Ancestry, and another Eastern Washington Genealogical Society member won a $50 gift certificate!

After doing as much packing as I could, I set out to meet my ride to the Geneabloggers After Party, hosted by Pat Richley-Erickson and her husband, Gordon Erickson. It was a joy to reconnect with several old geneablogging friends and to meet many new ones! Our conversations were sprinkled with Spanish, Hebrew, and English spoken in American, British, and German accents, proving once again, that genealogy, blogging, and friendship transcend any language.

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I'm sad to leave RootsTech, the Family History Library, and the beautiful city of Salt Lake. I hope to be able to come again soon.

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