Saturday, April 24, 2010

Carnivals and Almanacs

This is a very overdue post. I wanted to let my readers know that there have been some wonderful genealogy carnivals posted so far during the month of April. To view those that have been published, as well as the topics and due dates for future posts, please read my April 2010 Calendar of Events post.

Also, I discovered back when I wrote that Calendar of Events post that I had not updated the March 2010 Calendar of Events nor the February 2010 Calendar of Events with the latest published carnivals. Those have now all been updated, so if you are behind (as I am) on reading some great articles, you now have updated lists of them to peruse in all of your spare time (wink!).

Last, but certainly not least, I want to highlight a wonderful addition to the genealogy blog community: Denise Levenick of the award-winning genealogy blog, The Family Curator, last month created the first ever Genealogy and Family History Blogger's Almanac, and has done so again in April. This FREE beautifully and artfully designed downloadable almanac comes with blogging tips, history, and weekly blogging prompts. This month, Denise also has a contest for a free copy of RootsMagic4 genealogy software! I'll be highlighting the Almanacs in all future Calendar of Events posts!

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