Saturday, July 04, 2009

Surname Saturday: MIDKIFF

My children's last name is MIDKIFF, and I have been able to trace this line definitely back six generations to their 4th-great-grandfather, Franklin Preston MIDKIFF.

Stories and History:

The MIDKIFF Family History on my website.

Ahnentafel #32 - Franklin Preston MIDKIFF (c. 1800 - c. 1840) was probably born in Kentucky, or perhaps Virginia. He appears in the 1830 Federal Census of the part of Lincoln County, Tennessee that is now Moore County. A neighbor, Hasten MIDKIFF, may well have been a brother or cousin. Franklin died before the 1840 Federal Census was taken, and his wife, Ellender "Nellie" OLIVER died before the 1850 Federal Census was taken, leaving five children surviving of their at least seven known children.

Ahnentafel #16 - Charles Anderson MIDKIFF, I (1839 - 1919) emigrated from Tennesee to Cooke and Grayson Counties in Texas with three of his four older siblings. He later lived in Oklahoma Territory, Colorado, and eventually, Butte County, California. You can read more about him in a biographical sketch here on my website, as well as a sketch on his military service in the Confederacy that I posted last year on this blog.

Ahnentafel #8 - John Franklin MIDKIFF, I (1870 - 1926) was married twice. He had four children with his first wife and three with his second. His daughter from his first marriage married his second wife's brother, making their children double and half cousins with my father-in-law!

Ahnentafel #4 - John Franklin MIDKIFF, II (1910 - 1957) - I've written a bit about John on this blog in one of my best posts, "Every Eleven Miles."

Ahnentafel #2 - My children's paternal grandfather (living)

Ahnentafel #1 - My children's father (living)

More about the MIDKIFF family:

1. Online database: MIDKIFF ancestors and relatives (I update this at least once a month; no info on living persons available)

2. Posts about MIDKIFF ancestors and relatives on this blog

3. Some scanned MIDKIFF documents

4. Some scanned MIDKIFF photos

5. My MIDKIFF Virtual Cemetery on Find A Grave

6. The MIDKIFF FamilyTreeDNA Project

7. Midkiff: A Family, Town, and Way of Life by Mary Lou MIDKIFF - the story of Charles' (above) nephew, Thomas Oscar MIDKIFF, Sr., who pioneered and ranched in West Texas

My children's MIDKIFF immigration trail:

KY or VA? > Lincoln (now Moore) Co., TN > Grayson Co., TX > Cooke Co., TX > Cleveland Co., OK Territory > Pottawatomie Co., OK > Delta Co., CO > Butte Co., CA > Custer Co., ID > Yakima Co., WA > Clark Co., WA > Spokane Co., WA

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