Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What's New in the Genea-Blogger World, and More

Vidar Øverlieis is celebrating his one-year blogiversary over at Vidars Slektsblogg. Vidar is one of the Norwegian Genea-Bloggers who participated in the Genea-Blogger Games last summer. You can click on the "English" link in the right-hand margin of his blog to get a loose English translation of his posts (the ones he wrote last summer for the Games were written in English). Go over and wish him a happy one!

Sheri Fenley published post Number 100 over at The Educated Genealogist this week. I'm honored that she lists me as one of the influences for getting involved in blogging. Sheri, we HAD to have you in the Genea-Blogger world...we needed a female blogger who could rival Thomas' antics! ;-)

Last Wednesday, Julie Cahill Tarr of GenBlog also hit her 100th Post! She's been a busy lady hosting the Thanksgiving Meme and a Game of Tag (I'll be late in posting mine, but will add a link to it in her comments).

Give our Genea-Bloggers congratulations on their milestones!

I haven't seen posts at No Fee Required Genealogy in a year, but last month Linda wrote four more. I hope she keeps up the great linking!

Leland Meitzler's Genealogy Blog was up for a day or so after being down for quite a while, but it didn't last long. We miss you, Leland!

Speaking of the missing, we are all more than a little worried about Janice Brown of Cow Hampshire. Her last post (apparently a scheduled and not a "live"one) was on August 25th. We miss you, too, Janice!

Cyndi Howells has added Wikis for Genealogy to her famous List.

Slightly older news: Denise Olsen of Family Matters is now hosting workshops on her blog. And I hope you're participating in her Christmas Tour of Blogs at Moultrie Creek!

If you got a little lost as to where JL of JLog is now blogging, she explains here.

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