Sunday, November 09, 2008

"Voices of War" Series Ends

From time to time, I've linked to stories from the "Voices of War" series that my local newspaper, the Spokesman-Review has published both in print and online formats. They recently published an article announcing the end of the series. Originally, the editors had planned to do twelve articles--one a month--and figured they could find just enough material to publish stories for one year. Instead, they discovered there were so many World War II veterans and stories in the Inland Northwest that they could have published one a week for several years. The effort and time that went into interviewing, photographing, and writing up each story prevented them from doing so, however.

The twelve original stories can be found here, along with photographs and audio clips from the interviews. In addition, the reporters remind us that there are many veterans of other wars whose stories we need to capture. They list ideas of how to do good interviews and give online resources, including, to help with that process.

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Anonymous said...

As I was talking to my brother the other day, I mentioned to him that one of the things he and I have never done is to have me interview HIM. He seemed a little amused at the idea, but even though he knows how to type and all, I can't get him to write anything for the family history. I guess I will just have to grill him. Regarding the veterans, I know I have many in my family tree that could have their bios done too. "So many genealogy projects, so little time!".