Sunday, November 02, 2008

New Genealogy Podcast, Familiar Voice!

I don't know how Lisa Louise Cooke does it: she's a wife, mother, homemaker, and creator of the free Genealogy Gems Podcast, which just this year added Premium Memberships (subscription-based). The Members-only area contains videos, podcasts, a forum, and also a newsletter - all of which Lisa creates or maintains. She also maintains a blog and a website, keeps busy with her own genealogy research, is active on Facebook, and enjoys doing creative things like cake decorating and needlework. Additionally, she began hosting Family Tree Magazine's free monthly podcast. She attends genealogy conventions, workshops, and seminars to promote her podcasts and interview interesting and well-known people in the genealogical world. I'm sure I've missed describing several of the many things that this busy woman is involved's so hard to keep up!

Now Lisa's familiar gal-next-door voice with her tidbits of genealogical how-tos, tips, and techniques, along with fascinating interveiws can be found at the Personal Life Media website, which consists of free blogs and podcasts for every area of your personal life. Lisa's Family History podcast can be found under the both the History and Hobbies categories, or directly here. Additionally, an audio player can be downloaded from Lisa's Genealogy Gems Newsletter Blog here and added to any personal page, including iGoogle homepages (where I've currently got mine!), Facebook, or MySpace pages. This audio player will play not only any of Lisa's podcasts from all her locations, but other Personal Life podcasts as well!

You may also subscribe to any of Lisa's podcasts via iTunes. Don't have an iPod? Well, neither do I; my teens and I all own various models of Sansa MP3 players, and my husband has a Creative Lab MP3 player. These--like any MP3 player--all work with iTunes as well (a free program). If you don't know how to use iTunes, you can find Lisa's great video tutorial on the Family Tree Magazine website here.

No iPod or MP3 players? Still not a problem! As long as you have speakers or headphones for your computer, you can listen to any podcast directly from each one's site.

Expand your genealogical knowledge and listen to one of Lisa's many podcasts today!

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