Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Chance to Preview RootsMagic 4

From the latest RootsMagic Newsletter:

Do You Want to Play with a Preview Copy of RootsMagic 4?

Are you one of those users who wants to play with RootsMagic 4 before we actually release it? Well, now is your chance.

In mid-December we will begin a "community preview" of RootsMagic 4. This preview will be open to those current RootsMagic users who wish to try out a pre-release copy of RootsMagic. Keep in mind that the preview version could (I mean "will") still have bugs in it, and shouldn't be used for your real data.

But if you want a chance to play around with version 4, sign up for the preview at:

Fill out the information so we can verify that you are a current RootsMagic user and you will be notified when the community preview becomes available.

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