Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just a Note

It's been over a week since I've published a post that wasn't an announcement or news release of some kind. I apologize to my readers for the lack of content, but this is the last week of the 2007 - 2008 school year for my employer, Spokane Public Schools (and many grateful thanks to the State Legislature who forgave our week of snow days at the end of January - I can't imagine enduring yet another five days!). I've also started a new four-week online genealogy class for the Spokane County Library District this month. As both a school staff member and a parent, I'm pretty exhausted with end-of-school-year activities; I haven't even participated in the genealogy carnivals lately!

Next week will be busy as well, as we have company coming at both ends of the week. The beginning of the week I have an aunt coming from the Detroit area to help us celebrate my younger sister's graduation from nursing school (we're so proud of her!); and at the end of next week, my husband's sister and brother-in-law will be coming through on their road trip to see the great tourist places of the Old West. I plan on enjoying my time with family.

Meanwhile, when I have a few moments to be online, I've been hunting for ancestors in the Michigan vital records newly featured on FamilySearch's pilot Record Search site. (Look for some posts in a few weeks on my comments and observations of these databases.) If I'm really tired, I'll go over to Facebook and play a game or two of Scramble to wind down before bed. Thanks for all those who've added me to their friend lists on Facebook. If you have an account, please look for me (Miriam Robbins Midkiff) to add to your friend list.

Once I've caught up on my rest, I'll be resuming my participation in carnivals and features such as Wordless Wednesday, finishing various series I've started in the last year, and writing more journal prompts for my other blog, AnceStories 2: Stories of Me for My Descendants. I appreciate your patience and encourage my readers to visit the many fine blogs listed in the right-hand column, about half-way down the page, for fresh and new daily content.

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Thomas MacEntee said...


Welcome to the Insanely Busy Club! I am just getting back into blogging and genealogy since my physical therapy is progressing nicely - and I feel overwhelmed with work and all the summer obligations (cookouts, celebrations, etc.)