Sunday, February 17, 2008

Postcard from A.L. to Rena LERFALD, 15 Sep 1908

Recently, my father-in-law loaned us a pile of postcards that had belonged to his maternal grandparents, George Rice WESTABY, III and Rena LERFALD. Here is the next one in the collection:



This postcard is dated 15 Sep 1908, despite the handwritten dates of 25 Sep 1908 on the front and back of the card, which appear to have been written much later by Rena. The postmark is from Baldwin, Wisconsin, also in St. Croix County, a little more than four miles west of Woodville. It is addressed to Miss Rena Lerfald, Woodville, Wis. R. R. 2,:

"Fisher's don't want any hired girl now she says. She has one and they manage the work. I don't know of any place for you here. Got here safe last night. A.L."

A.L. is probably Rena's sister Anna Lerfald. It appears that Anna has inquired about job openings in Baldwin for Rena, without success.

Source: The Westaby-Lerfald Postcard Collection. Privately held by Troy Midkiff, Vancouver, Washington.