Monday, February 11, 2008

The AnceStories Limerick


Terry Thornton said...

Thanks, Miriam, for taking up the challenge! I'm looking forward for this roundup --- and below is a "poem" just for you. TERRY

AnceStories is where we tromp
To have a read or a fun romp
With the genea-blogging troupe ---
Miriam born in Alaska icy;
Moved South, thawed nicely
And posts prompt after prompt.6

Miriam Robbins said...

Thanks, Terry! You sure got people started on a great meme!

Janice said...

Terry should be blamed for everything I think, Miriam. Anyone who can rhyme with Spokane is talented (grin).

Ancestories belongs to Miriam,
For blogging she has no sad delirium,
Her family tree grows like bacterium.
I'm hoping she has a funny bone
Else I end up in her combat zone
And hit the bottle--jamaican rum


Terry Thornton said...

Miriam, See. Even Janice is now blaming "it on Terry." But for everything she thinks? LOL! I think Janice is just trying to get a compliment on her glove repairs/stitching if her advice column today is to be believed.

Bill West said...

If at blogging you want to succeed
Then it’s AnceStories you need
Miriam never stints
With great writing hints
For a blog that is pleasing to read!