Thursday, November 16, 2006


Found my 3rd-great-grandparents, Pieter TON and Maria Van KLINKEN, on's passenger list (on the ship "E. C. Scranton," which arrived in New York on 7 Dec 1857). Pieter's name was right under Peter TIMMERMAN. The whole list was mis-transcribed. My Pieter is listed as "Peter Con Zimmerman" and so therefore, Maria, his wife is listed as "Maria Zimmerman." Zimmerman, by the way is German for "carpenter," and Timmerman is Dutch for "carpenter."

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Also with Pieter and Maria are Adriana "Zimmerman" (Ton) and Cornelia "Zimmerman" (Ton), which I believe are Pieter's sister and perhaps a niece. [Correction: A closer look at the Zeeland Provincial Archives online database led to the discovery that Cornelia was the daughter of Maria Van KLINKEN, prior to her marriage to Pieter TON. It's not clear whether Pieter was Cornelia's father, although she is listed as "Cornelia TON" on the passenger list. I believe Cornelia died young, as she does not appear in the 1870 Federal Census with the rest of the family. In addition, Pieter and Maria named a later daughter Nellie (b. 1860). It was not uncommon for the Dutch to name a child after a deceased older sibling.]

There is also Pieter's sister Suzanna "Susanna" Van KLINKEN, her husband Izak "Isaac" PAPE and their daughter, Netye PAPE. ("Netye" is probably supposed to be Neeltje, who would have been named after Pieter, Suzanna, and Adriana's mother.) They are all with a group from the Netherlands headed for Ohio. My family records show Pieter and Maria lived in Cincinnati for 16 years, then moved north to Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm not sure what it was about Cincinnati that attracted, a Seceder's Church...?

This evening at the Family History Center, I reviewed FHL microfilm # 1,377,933, Item 2: City of Grand Rapids [Michigan] Record of Burials, 1874 - 1877, and made some terrific finds!:

Van KLINKEN, Maria, age 51 [my records say 50], White, Female, Place of Birth: Holland, Disease: Dropsey; died 22 Apr 1878; buried in the Pottersfield, Valley City Cemetery, record #6168 - this is my 3rd-great-grandmother, mentioned above

TRIMSTRA (TUINSTRA?), Stjoestje, age 3 mos, 5 days, White, Female, Place of Birth: City; Disease: Cholera Infantum; died at 224 Elizabeth St., 24 Jul 1886; buried in Lot 75, Block K, Greenwood Cemetery, record #6046 - not sure if this is a TUINSTRA, but if so, she would be related

Van ESSEN, Meinn [sic - Meine], age 86, White, Male, Place of Birth: Netherland; Disease: old age; died at 2 Fifth Ave., 17 Jan 1887; Permit [4, 9, 7, C, G...?...can't read it], Valley City Cemetery, record #6471 - this is my 2nd-great-grandfather's father-in-law (of 3rd wife)

Van KINKEN [sic], Giertje, 52 yrs, 7 mos, 11 days, White, Female; Place of Birth: Netherland; Disease: malignant tumor; died at corner of Alpine & 10th St., 18 May 1887; buried in Lot 14, Block N, Greenwood Cemetery, record #6485 - this may be a relative of my Van KLINKENs

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