Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bev's Website

I think I finished Bev's website.

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Beverly Smith Vorpahl, whose name is familiar to the genealogy world as a contributor to Family Chronicle and other genealogy magazines, is a member, along with myself, of the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society. Over the course of the past year, we have struck up a business partnership (with her hiring me as the webmaster of her new genealogy website), and--most importantly--we've developed a friendship.

When I say I think I've finished her website, it means that as a webmaster, I always find ways to improve, correct, and add information. Sometimes I drive myself crazy that way. As someone offering a service to a client, I also have to take into account their wishes and needs.

I think Bev deserves a medal for patience for putting up with me all these months. We first started talking about this website in February 2006. I began work in the spring, I believe, a difficult time for me to begin any intense project, as I work for my local school district. I tried to do a lot of work over the summer...but must admit, I have an unrealistic view of how much I can do during my summer vacation. I have a lot of projects I attempt to work on during June - August! Once the 2006 - 2007 school year began, it again became a challenge to squeeze in time to work on the site.

So here it is. I hope you take a look around and read the fascinating stories Bev has written about her childhood, her siblings, parents and ancestors. She truly has a gift for making the people of the past come to life. Make sure to sign her guestbook, too (a link is provided on every page of her site).

P.S. When I posted this over at my old blog site, the following comment was left by Beverly Smith Vorpahl on November 12, 2006:
Thank you, Miriam. Worth-while things are worth the wait, and our new Website was certainly worth the wait. It's beautiful and professionally done. I could not have asked for anything better.

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