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My Top 8 Brick Wall Ancestors - Mom's Side

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Last week, I posted My Top 10 Brick Walls - Dad's Side. This week, I was going to post the top ten brick walls from my mom's side, but I could only find eight. Mom is three-quarters Dutch-Frisian, and there are amazingly good resources from the Netherlands online. She is one-quarter English, with  many well-researched New England Puritan and Pilgrim lines. I've posted seven brick walls from her ancestry, and one from her step-father's. And I won't complain that I don't have a full set of ten brick walls!

Do YOU have the answers to my brick walls?

1. When did Trijntje Gerrits "Katherine" (DOLSTRA) VALK immigrate to the United States? The 1900 Federal Census says 1888 and I find her in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Michigan in 1889, but can't find her on passenger lists. In 1880, she was living in Westernijkerk, Ferwerderadeel, Friesland, the Netherlands.

2. Was my ancestor, Berber Sjoerds DeJONG (1858 - 1934), the same individual known as Berber Tjeerds de JONG (b. 1856), daughter of Tjeerd Thijzes de JONG and Jitske Douwes SOEPBOER of Groningen and Friesland, the Netherlands? My research plan is listed in a document file here.

3. When did Wijbren Joukes WIERSMA of Wonseradeel, Friesland, the Netherlands immigrate to the United States? I have a range of 1882 to 1884, but have yet to find him on a passenger list.

4. Who were the parents of Amelia CURTIS? She was b. 11 March 1772 in Spencertown, Connecticut; married Joel STRONG 14 January 1787 in Kent, Litchfield Co., Connecticut; and d. 6 July 1842 in Candor, Tioga Co., New York.

5. Who were the parents of Henry JACOBS (1797 - 1876) of Westchester and Tioga Counties, New York?

6. Was FRISBIE the maiden name of Huldah (1793 - 1875), wife of Henry JACOBS? Her grandson was Charles Frisbie STRONG, and we've often wondered where that middle name (a New England family surname) came from.

7. Who were William Parker WRIGHT's parents? He was b. 19 February 1830 in Minisink, Orange Co., New York; m. c. 1850 to Ann Elizabeth ROCKWELL; and d. 6 November 1915 in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Michigan. Family records state his parents were Peter WRIGHT and Mary CLARK, but I've also found a David WRIGHT with a Mary CLARK. And how does that Parker middle name fit in? Is it a family surname?

8. This man is a step-ancestor on my mom's side: when and where did Melle "Millard" BOS (BUSH) die? He emigrated from Bierum, Groningen, the Netherlands in 1879. In 1887, his last child was born in Ottawa Co., Michigan; and in 1889, his widow remarried in Lamont, Ottawa Co., Michigan.

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Sewing-Chick said...

Just ran across your blog and thought you might like to know -- here's an email that a fellow genealogist sent me the other day that I believes answers one of your questions.

"George Lane died intestate in Tioga County, NY and his probate was filed the 19th of Sep 1856. It has the following information surviving "Kindred as follows: HULDAH JACOBS, Dorcus Lake, Betsey Westfall, and Mary Cortwright of Candor; Ezekiel Lane and Rachel Mustow of Potter Co., PA; Solomon and Levi Lane of Candor, Mrs. Thiar Hickey of Newark, Abby Steele of New Haven, Huron, Ohio, and Sarah Lane (wife) of Candor."

DNA has shown that I likely descend from George Lane and his wife Sarah Mead, through my elusive ancestor, Almira (Weatherby) Shumaker, however I have no idea how they are my ancestors. You haven't taken a DNA test by chance, have you?

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon,
buckeyegirl1721 at gmail dot com

Miriam Robbins said...

Thank you SO much, Jodie, for posting this! The Lanes and Cortwrights married into my Strong and Jacobs families in other generations, so this totally makes sense! I have indeed taken a DNA test, with FamilyTreeDNA, and my info is posted there as well as on

Could you also please put me in touch with the genealogist who sent you the above information?

Thanks again!


Sewing-Chick said...

Yay!! I'm so glad you've taken a DNA test. What is your gedmatch kit? I manage 11 kits. My great-aunt and her second cousin would be the two we're most interested in, because they appear to be descended from George Lane and Sarah Mead, or maybe one of Sarah's siblings or cousins. My great-aunt Joan is M143300, and her 2nd cousin Norma is M365069.

Would you mind sharing your gedmatch kit? Feel free to private message me on facebook or email.