Monday, January 05, 2015

My Top 10 Blog Posts for 2014...And Then Some

Now why on earth would my readers care about my top ten blog posts for the past year?

Well, if you're new to my blog, you may be interested in seeing the kinds of posts I typically write. Most of my popular posts were either Tuesday Tips or posts targeted especially to help my readers in their genealogical research. Check them out:

Now, to be fair, the top ten most read posts during the past year were not all written in 2014. In fact, posts numbered 1-5 above were actually the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, and 10th most read of this previous year. The following from years past were the 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 9th most popular, respectively.

#2 (from 2009): A Beginner's Guide to Scanning Postcards - It make sense that this is a popular post, as I refer many readers to it when they have questions about scanning to .tif files rather than .jpg files. Don't let the title fool you; it applies to scanning images, letters, and other documents as well.

#3 (from 2013): Tuesday's Tip: 2014 Genealogy Blog Post Planner - No longer relevant; see #8 from the Top Ten list above.

#6 (from 2008): Tuesday's Tip: Organizing Your Digital Files - Here's another post to which I point readers, especially when answering questions in genealogy groups on Facebook.

#8 (from 2012): RootsMagic 6 Review - I love RootsMagic! Whenever students of my classes or audience members of my presentations ask me my opinion of the best genealogy software, I unhesitatingly reply, "RootsMagic!" Version 7 has just been released, which I received as a Christmas gift...lucky me!

#9 (also from 2008): Wordless Wednesday: CHAPLIN - MARTIN Certificate of Marriage - I'm not certain why this post received so many hits. As the only top post directly related to a family line (on my children's father's side), I find it interesting that it's so popular. Perhaps it's the common genealogy and blogging terms plus the surnames in the title.

Analyzing these posts helps me as a blogger, too. I've learned my readers enjoy reading my discoveries written as helpful tutorials. I plan to continue this feature.

Have you read these posts? How have they helped you?

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