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Surname Saturday: WRIGHT

The surname WRIGHT has its origins in the Old English wryhtaa derivative of wyrcan, which means "to work or make." The name came to mean "craftsman," particularly a craftsman who created machinery made of wood, such as windmills or watermills.

Stories and History:

Ahnentafel #124 - Peter or David WRIGHT - very little information is known about this man, other than he probably was born about 1800  in New York State. His wife's name was Mary CLARKE, who was born about 1800 in Orange Co., New York. They married by 1828, probably in Orange County when the first of their three known children was born. In 1850, they are found in Minisink, Orange Co., New York, where he is listed as David WRIGHT. By 1860, their older son, William Parker WRIGHT was living in the Town of Newark, Tioga Co., New York, and in 1870, Mary is listed as a widow, living with her younger son and daughter-in-law, Samuel Youngs WRIGHT and Emily "Emma" LEONARD. William's father's name is given as Peter WRIGHT on his (William's) death certificate; his daughter was the informant.

Ahnentafel #62 - William Parker WRIGHT (1830 - 1915) - born in Minisink, Orange Co., New York, he first married Ann Elizabeth ROCKWELL (1829 - 1860). They had four children. According to our family records, he married three other times; one of his wives was Lucy A. [--?--], whom he married by 1880. He had many trades: mason, carriage maker, and wagon wheel maker. His granddaughter recorded that he was a choir master and a Methodist, so perhaps he led the choir at the Methodist church. By 1860, he had moved to the Town of Newark., Tioga Co., New York, and in 1870, he was living in the Town of Tioga of the same county. In 1880, he was living in the village of Tioga Center. He is still found in that town in 1900, but by 1910, he was living in Hart, Oceana Co., Michigan, probably to be near his youngest daughter, Mary, who lived in various communities in Western Michigan with her husband and children. William died in Grand Rapids, Kent Co., Michigan, a widower. Although his obituary states he was buried in the White Cloud Cemetery in White Cloud, Newaygo Co., New York, the Upper Fairfield Cemetery in Tioga Co., New York confirmed he was buried there.

Ahnentafel #31 - Mary Lucy WRIGHT (1859 - 1946) - born in Tioga Co., New York, she married Charles Frisbe STRONG (1852 - 1921) in 1873. They had 10 children, seven of whom survived childhood. Her husband's itchy foot caused them to move back and forth between Tioga Co., NY and Western Michigan (Newaygo, Kent, Ottawa Counties) several times. They finally headed west, spending time in Fiske, Saskatechewan and then in Clapsop and Marion Counties, Oregon settling in Hubbard in the last county. After Charles' death, Mary lived with her son Frank in Marion County, and later her daughter, Ethel, in Stanwood, Snohomish Co., Washington, where she died. Charles and Mary are buried in Belle Passi Cemetery, Woodburn, Marion Co., Oregon.

Ahnentafel #15 - Lillian Fern STRONG (1897 - 1967) - read her AnceStory here.

Ahnentafel #7 - Ruth Lillian HOEKSTRA (1919 - 2001) - my maternal grandmother; read her AnceStory here.

Ahnentafel #3 - my mother (living)

Ahnentafel #1 - myself

More About the WRIGHT Family:

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My WRIGHT Immigration Trail:

Orange Co., NY > Tioga Co., NY > Newaygo Co., MI > Tioga Co., NY > Kent Co., MI > Ottawa Co., MI > Kent Co., MI > Saskatchewan > Clapsop Co., OR > Marion Co., OR > Kent Co., MI > AK > Stevens Co., WA > Spokane Co., WA

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