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Surname Saturday: HUBBY

Since I missed posting my Surname Saturday post last week, I am posting two today.

From the Dictionary of American Family Names, we learn that my children's ancestral surname, HUBBY, is apparently a variant of Huby, a location name from either of two places in North Yorkshire. The Huby near Easingwold is named from the Old English hoh and the Old Scandinavian , meaning "settlement," while the Huby near Stainburn is named with the Old French personal name Hu(gh)e and the Old Scandinavian . Another possibility is that it is a variation of the German Hubbe, which is a short form of Hubert. Since I am at this time unable to trace back very far on this surname, it is not clear where my children's HUBBY originates, although it is more likely to be English, as the earliest ancestor we trace comes from Canada, and possibly, Scotland.

Stories and History:

Ahnentafel #58 - John HUBBY, Sr. (1797 - 1880) - born in either Ontario, Canada or in Scotland, he married Hannah JONES (1812 - 1879) by 1832 in Ontario. They had 14 children. One of their sons was born in 1840 in Kent Co., Ontario. In 1844 they were living in Shirland, Winnebago Co., Illinois. By 1852, they were in Lind Co., Iowa and between 1854 and 1856, they were in Jones Co., Iowa. By 1858, they were living in Boone Co., Iowa, where they remained for the rest of their lives.

Ahnentafel #29 - Rachel HUBBY (1832 - 1892) - Rachel was born in Canada. By 1848, she had married an immigrant from Strasbourg, Alsace, France, Francois Joseph MARTIN (1828 - 1887). After farming for some time in Lind and Jones Counties in Iowa, they removed to Bon Homme County in Dakota Territory (now South Dakota).

Ahnentafel #14 - John Franklin MARTIN (1854 - 1928) - John worked for the railroad for much of his life, which may have been the reason why he lived all over the Northern Plains and Pacific Northwest. He and his wife, Angelia Rebecca LUKE, had 12 children, including a set of twins (a genetic trait carried from Angelia's family).

Ahnentafel #7 - Leona Mary MARTIN (1906 - 1993) - youngest of 12 children and a twin. Her fantastic cooking provided for her family during the Depression through a diner she and her husband, Forrest Lyton CHAPLIN, owned.

Ahnentafel #3 - my children's paternal grandmother (living)

Ahnentafel #1 - my children's father (living)

More About the HUBBY Family:

1. Online database (I update this at least once a month): HUBBY ancestors and relatives (no info on living persons available)

2. Posts about HUBBY ancestors and relatives on this blog

3. Some scanned HUBBY photos

4. Some scanned HUBBY documents

My children's HUBBY Immigration Trail:

Scotland or Ontario, Canada > Kent Co., Ontario, Canada > Winnebago Co., IL > Lind Co., IA > Jones Co., IA > Bon Homme Co., DT (now SD) > Ransom Co., ND > LaMoure Co., ND > Kootenai (now Boundary) Co., ID > Franklin Co., WA > Multnomah Co., OR > Washington Co., OR > Clark Co., WA > Yakima Co., WA > Pierce Co., WA > Clark Co., WA > Spokane Co., WA

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