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Surname Saturday: DeJONG

The DeJONG family is one of my Dutch lines, most likely out of the province of Friesland. The name literally means "the younger." Surnames were not common in the Netherlands until 1811, when Napoleon, who then reigned over the Netherlands, ordered the Dutch to register a surname with the civil authorities.

My 2nd-great-grandmother, Berber DeJONG, is really the only person with this surname that I have solid information on. Her father has been named as "Sjerd DeJONG," but I am working with the hypothesis that he may have instead been Tjeerd Thijzes de JONG, as there is no registration of a birth of a Berber DeJONG to a Sjoerd [correct spelling] DeJONG in the Netherlands that fits my ancestor. My hypothesis has been written into a research plan that can be read here.

Stories and History:

Ahnentafel #50 - Sjoerd DeJONG (dates unknown) - may be the same individual as Tjeerd Thijzes (also spelled "Thijsses") de JONG (1812 - 1862).

Ahnentafel #25 - Berber "Barbara" DeJONG (1858 - 1934) - born in the Netherlands, she immigrated in 1882 to the United States with her fiance, Tjammes "James" Wiegers VALK (1860 - 1922) of Ferwerderadeel, Friesland, the Netherlands. They first settled in Rock Island, Rock Island Co., Illinois, where they immediately married. Later, they moved to Western Michigan. They had eight children; three of whom survived to adulthood.

Ahnentafel #12 - William James VALK - (1886 - 1950) - fathered 16 children between two marriages (only 12 survived infancy), plus raised a stepson

Ahnentafel #6 - William ("Bill") VALK - (1912 - 1989) - my paternal grandfather, WWII veteran

Ahnentafel #3 - my mother (living)

Ahnentafel #1 - myself

More About the DeJONG Family:

1. Online database (I update this at least once a month): DeJONG ancestors and relatives (no info on living persons available)

2. Some DeJONG obituaries

3. Posts about 
DeJONG ancestors and relatives on this blog

4. Some scanned DeJONG documents

The DeJONG Immigration Trail:

The Netherlands > Rock Island Co., IL > > Ottawa Co., MI > Kent Co., MI > AK > Stevens Co., WA > Spokane Co., WA

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