Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Four Reasons I Should Be in Salt Lake City This Week

Let's face it: I shouldn't be in Spokane right now. Never mind that today is my birthday and I've enjoyed celebrating with family and friends in the area. However, Salt Lake City really is rocking this week and if I had done any planning (and had a ton of money to spend), I would have spent this week and coming weekend in "The Crossroads of the West." Here are my reasons SLC is the place to be right now:

4. The Zags!!!!

The Gonzaga University men's team from my hometown is ranked #1 in the nation for the first time in its history, and is off to the NCAA playoffs for some March Madness, yet again; this time against Southern University, playing in SLC's EnergySolutions Arena.

3. The Association of Professional Genealogists' (APG) Professional Management Conference:

Even though I'm not a member of the APG (yet), it sure would be interesting to sit in on the workshops and learn some genealogy business and marketing tips.

2. RootsTech - the Family History and Technology Conference:

Think about it: family history AND technology? How good can it get! Plus seeing all my genealogy peeps would be so much fun!

ALWAYS. If nothing else, the library will be there, waiting for us to do our research!

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