Thursday, June 10, 2010

Southern California Genealogical Society's 2010 Jamboree: Day One

OK, so officially, Jamboree has not begun. But here I am in beautiful, WARM Burbank, California all excited about my first day of Jamboree time!

I very much enjoyed my flight to Burbank from Spokane via Oakland, chatting with fellow Eastern Washington Genealogical Society board members, Donna Potter Phillips and Cecily Cone Kelly. It has been 23 1/2 years since I've been to California (I marched in the Pasadena Rose Parade on New Year's Day 1987 with The Salvation Army Band - another lifetime ago!) and 25 years since I have flown. I love flying! I used to do it all the time growing up in Alaska and again as a college student in Washington State. But that was pre-Internet and pre-9/11 and flying has taken on another form from what I remember. The advantage of being able to book a flight and print my boarding pass online was heavily outweighed by the seriousness of airport security and reminders of the threat of terrorism. It was much like returning to one's childhood home: while you cherish those fond memories, things have changed and you realize that you can never really go back home again.

After lunch and rest, I went to the Marriott Hotel lobby to pick up my syllabus and registration packet, since I had pre-registered and had that option. While there, I ran into all kinds of old friends and new, most of whom I'd never met in real life until today! They included:
While I did attempt to take photos, the lighting in the lounge where we were sitting and chatting was very poor and they did not turn out well, for the most part. I know tomorrow will bring me many more opportunities for meetups and pics, so stay tuned!

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Kathryn Doyle said...

It was such a pleasure to meet you! (We do need to find a place with better lighting for photos.)

Miriam Robbins said...

I found out why my camera wasn't working wasn't just the dark atmosphere; the camera was set on Landscape mode instead of Auto. Duh!

jim said...

I'm flying down tomorrow
how was the schuttle from the burbank airport to the hotel or is it better to walk the 0.1 mile ?

Jim Rader

Steve Goldstein said...


It was a pleasure to meet you at the Evergreen Tour on Friday. I hope you enjoyed the morning. I look forward to reading more on your blog.


Miriam Robbins said...

Jim, I hope you got my privately-sent e-mail in time.

Steve, thank you so much! I highlighted the tour in my next post here.

Gini said...

It was so good to meet you Miriam. I really enjoyed hanging out in the bloggers lounge and chatting.

My camera wasn't working it's best either. Hopefully by next Jamboree, I will have a much better one!

Miriam Robbins said...

Gini, sorry I didn't respond to your comment right away. I sure enjoyed meeting you and Steve and hope that next time we get a chance to hang out a little more together (maybe lunch?)!