Sunday, November 01, 2009

November 2009 Calendar of Events

Dull November brings the blast;
Then the leaves are whirling fast.

--from "The Garden Year" by Sara Coleridge

Holidays, History, and Heritage

American Indian Heritage Month (United States)

Black Catholic History Month (worldwide)

New York State History Month (United States)

Family Stories Month
(Check out Passing It On; a great site dedicated to preserving, celebrating and sharing family and personal history.)

National Adoption Month (United States)

November 1: All Saints' Day (Christianity)
Daylight Saving Time Ends

November 2: All Souls' Day (Christianity)
Día de los Muertos (Mexico)

November 3: Election Day (United States)

November 5: Guy Fawkes Night (Britain and New Zealand)

November 11: Remembrance Day/Veterans Day

November 16: Dutch-American Heritage Day

November 26: Thanksgiving Day (United States)
Family Health History Day (United States)

November 27: National Day of Listening (United States)

November 27 - 30: Eid al-Adha (Islam)

November 29: First Sunday of Advent (Christianity)

November 30: St. Andrew's Day (Scotland)

Do any of the above events feature in or affect your heritage, culture, or family history?

November Carnivals and Other Events:

Posted November 1 - the November 2009 Edition of the Graveyard Rabbits Carnival - Write Your Own Epitaph

Posted November 3 - the 83rd Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy - Musical Instruments

Posted November 4 - the 16th Edition of the Carnival of Irish Heritage and Culture - Irish Portraits

Posted November 15 - the 18th Edition of the "I Smile for the Camera" Carnival - Travel

Posted November 15 - the Premier Edition of Shades of the Departed

Posted November 18 - the 84th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy - What the COG Means to You

Posted November 20 - the 24th Edition of the Carnival of Central and Eastern European Genealogy - Tips, Tricks, Websites for Researching Central and Eastern European Genealogy

Posted November 26 - the Great American Local Poem Genealogy Challenge

November 1 - Data Backup Day

Read the latest Data Backup Day post by Thomas MacEntee at Geneabloggers.

Scanfest will be early this year to circumvent the American Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We will be meeting on Sunday, November 22, 2009 from 11 AM to 2 PM, Pacific Standard Time.

Go here to add the above deadlines and dates to your Google Calendar,
courtesy of Thomas MacEntee of Destination: Austin Family.

The stripped and shapely

Maple grieves
The loss of her
Departed leaves.

The ground is hard,
As hard as stone.
The year is old,
The birds are flown.

And yet the world,
Displays a certain

The beauty of The bone.
Tall God

Must see our souls
This way, and nod.

Give thanks: we do,
Each in his place
Around the table
During grace.

--"November," by John Updike

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