Friday, April 24, 2009

Man Reunites with Family 31 Years After Discovering He was Adopted

From the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel:

Seventy-three years ago - as the Great Depression dragged on - a migrant farm worker struggling to raise four children after the death of his wife made a momentous, life-changing family decision.

He felt he couldn't care for 10-month-old Simon along with the other three children, so he gave the boy up for adoption.

Raised in the Rio Grande valley of Texas as an only child, Simon Martinez was going through old family trunks in 1978 after his parents died when he found a box with a handwritten note inside. It was from his birth father, describing the agonizing decision he had made.

Read more of the story, including details of how Martinez's adoptive cousin used genealogical research to find his birth family, here.

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