Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Update on Blogging

After a week's hiatus from blogging, accompanied by babying my shoulder whenever possible, I am feeling somewhat better. Yesterday I returned to my surgeon and voiced my concerns about the increasing shoulder, arm, and upper back pain I've been experiencing since I've returned to work a month ago. He assured me that my situation was not uncommon and agreed with the theory that my physical therapist and I had developed that my workplace ergodynamics have forced me to work at chest and shoulder level rather than waist level (i.e. I'm short!), aggravating the muscles and tendons that are either not ready to be worked or are still healing. My work stations will be assessed to see what can be done to alleviate the situation, and I've been prescribed a week's worth of steroids to reduce inflammation.

Meanwhile, though I feel ready to return to blogging, I am looking at my daughter's upcoming college application deadlines, financial aid paperwork, and submitting our income tax returns all this coming week. I also have a two more upcoming genealogy classes I'm presenting soon. Time restraints will be preventing me to get these necessary tasks completed and put any time and quality effort into blogging for at least another week, although I may slip in a press release or one of my "This and That" columns, neither of which require much time or deep thought to create.

When I return, I will continue my Tuesday Tips series on increasing blog readership and will have plenty more ideas and posts to share in the future. I want to thank my readers for all the kind comments and best wishes I've received in the past week. Our genea-blogging community, both writers and readers, are the most supportive people I've never met! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Miriam,

As always, wishing you well. Tell us about your work station ergonomics - when you get a chance, of course. That's a topic that should be near & dear to us genea-bloggers.

"Guide by the Ancestors"

Terry Thornton said...

MIRIAM, I'm sorry you are still having problems --- perhaps a modification of your work station will improve the pain situation. Take it easy and make a full recovery soon!
Terry Thornton

wendy said...

Just get better! Don't want you to do something that might delay healing! Take care!

Untangled Family Roots said...

I'm glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. I hope you heal soon. Take care.