Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Hot Head Will Not Melt the Snow, But it Can Get You Booked

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with genealogy, but I had to post it for the laugh. It came tonight in an e-mail update that we receive from the Spokane Police Department. Obviously, Officer Eckersley has a great sense of humor! Kudos to our city police and fire departments and road crews, along with the mail carriers and everyone else that has to be out in the awful three feet (and still falling) snow.

A hot head will not melt the snow, but it can get you booked

On 122308, at about 3:30 P.M., an armed man confronted snowplow drivers in the 400 block of west Providence. The incident started when the man's elderly mother went outside to confront two plow-truck drivers who were clearing the residential street she lives on. The woman began yelling at the drivers and her 53-year-old son, Clay Moon, came out of the house as well. Clay expressed his opinions about the downfalls of snow banks while holding a handgun as he yelled at the plow drivers. No shots were fired. A short time later, the City Streets Dept received an anonymous phone call from a male. The male threatened that the next plow drivers would be shot. The phone call was traced back to Moon's residence. Spokane Police Officers responded and investigated both incidents. They determined that Moon was the suspect in both cases. A loaded handgun was located at his residence and he was booked into the Spokane County Jail for Felony Harassment. The truck drivers were not injured in the incident.

Everyone in the city has been affected by the heavy snow fall. Several days of dealing with it have caused tensions to rise and police calls for service are increasing. Most people are digging in and helping out their friends, neighbors, and perfect strangers. I ask those people to continue with the Holiday spirit as there is more snow to come and we will all suffer through it. Remember, when July comes, we will all be laughing about those crazy days in December. Try not to reflect on those days from your shared cell at the Spokane County Jail.

Officer B. Eckersley #649

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footnoteMaven said...

Yes, a good sense of humor. And one is required on both sides of the mountain here in Washington.

The stories we will have to tell.

Merry Christmas blogging friend.