Sunday, June 29, 2008

Cousins in the News

A couple of weeks ago, when my Internet service was out, I received a large envelope in the mail from my maternal uncle. In it were several news clippings: one from the 1950s about the house he, my aunt, and my mother had lived in with their parents which had been purchased by the government and then moved to make room for an interstate coming through the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan. The article showed 505 Shamrock along with neighboring homes up on trailers being ready to be transported to their new locations.

The other article is more recent. It features my cousin, Mark, and his wife Annette, and the alternative ministry they operate out of an alcohol-free nightclub (more photos are here). I get The Grand Rapids Press news feeds in my Google Reader, but they pile up fast (30 to 40 a day!), so occasionally I dump them out without reading. Apparently, I missed this when it showed up in April.

I'll be saving this clipping in our family scrapbook for future generations. It's part of our family history.

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