Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors: A New AnceStories Series

I'm probably crazy to begin yet another series, considering I haven't (quite) finished the 1930 U.S. Federal Census series I began a year ago, and I'm still doing some research on the Polar Bear Expedition that my great-grandfather served in at the end of World War I, in order to wrap up that series. BUT, I've been wanting to do this for a while, now, and GenLady's "Where Were You Carnival: The Civil War" is so timely, I've decided to go ahead.

Starting next week until Monday, May 26th (Memorial Day), I will be featuring a Civil War soldier or sailor each day either from my own or from my husband's family tree. Because there are such a large number of men to choose from, I am limiting myself to our direct ancestors (biological, step, and adoptive) and to brothers of direct (male and female) ancestors. This series doesn't include sons-in-law or brothers-in-law or cousins of my ancestors; otherwise, it would be lengthy, indeed! I wanted to feature these men not only to honor them as Memorial Day approaches, but to give an idea of the large number of individuals involved in the tragic war that tore our country apart nearly 150 years ago. Whole families and communities were impacted and sometimes devastated by the casualties that occurred because entire military companies consisting of young men all from one village or neighborhood would be decimated in battle.

Each sketch will feature some facts about the individual--the important dates and locations in their lives, their family members, and the units in/ships on which they served--as well as whatever photos I may have of them and/or their grave sites. I've also managed to collect quite a few Civil War Pension Index cards from Footnote for these individuals, and am sharing them as well. Additionally, I'll be providing links, where available, to the histories of the units in/ships on which they served.

You will be able to indeed see where I (my family) was during the Civil War.


Lisa / Smallest Leaf said...

I, too, am digging into the Civil War history of my family. I look forward to reading about your family members' roles during this critical time in American history.

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Miriam Robbins said...

Thanks, Lisa! I hope it is informative, and that somehow these posts might help connect with descendants of these men.