Monday, August 27, 2007

Nice Matters!

I received a very nice message from Francis of Caught in the Stream that he had nominated me (and others) for the Nice Matters Award. I am so honored, Francis: honored that you chose me for the award, and honored that you think I'm a nice person (I'm sure my teens could set you straight on that one)!

I decided that I would post this at both this and my personal blog, &Etc., and nominate fellow bloggers from both blogging worlds.

So first up I nominate Jasia of Creative Gene and Creative Genealogy. A genuinely nice person, she recently made my day by posting some links to some great Dutch and Scottish digital scrapbooking pages...they're beautiful! I haven't even tried my hand at digital scrapbooking, and I'm just in love with them! Except when she's getting her e-mail account at Yahoo! hacked, Jasia always has something nice to say! ;-)

Secondly, I am nominating both Colleen of The Oracle of OMcHodoy and Craig of GeneaBlogie for being nice enough to join us at Scanfest yesterday, and bringing two new "faces" to our group. (See Craig, I told you I'd get you a prize!) Besides, they have two genuinely nice blogs which I enjoy reading as often as they post.

Next is Randy of Genea-Musings; I really like how he has chosen different posts from various blogs each week to highlight. It's a nice way to get others to go visit blogs they might be unaware of. Randy's always got nice things to say about other blogs.

And certainly not least, I nominate Becky of kinnexions, who was so nice to share in detail her experiences at the FGS Conference with those of us who couldn't attend. I'm sure she was the only genea-blogger out there doing so. Reading about the conference made me want to attend the next one!

Oh, and gentleman, in case you don't want to post this pink girly-looking award on your blog, there's a nice masculine one available as well:

Actually, everyone on my "Blogroll" could easily be up for nomination. After all, why on earth would I link to a mean person's blog! ;-) But I tried to keep it short, and also be nice to the ones who don't enjoy participating in memes or meme-like activities (you know who you are!). The idea is to spread it around a bit.


Becky Wiseman said...

Thank you Miriam! I'm honored and have given the Nice Matters Award to five other genea-bloggers.

Miriam Robbins said...

Becky, you're welcome!

Craig Manson said...

Thanks, Miriam! I enjoyed Scanfest and thank you for initiating it!