Saturday, August 18, 2007

Back Home

We arrived home about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon, and boy! does it feel good to be back! My own (firm) bed, a (clean) bathroom within the same structure in which I'm sleeping, hot running water, plenty of clean clothes, and the Internet...need I say more?

We did have a good time and I hope to blog more about it on my personal blog, &Etc., after my brother-in-law shares his photos with us. We swam, kayaked, hiked, drove around looking for moose (the guys had a flat tire on the truck the last time out), enjoyed the brilliant stars and meteors late at night from the dock, played Balderdash and Pass the Pig, read, napped, and enjoyed our lazy days. I was able to input a lot of my Robbins info into my RootsMagic database and cite my sources correctly...a good start in the right direction.

I have one more week before I have to return to training and in-service days for the school district, and that next free week looks like it's already pretty full (sigh!). This summer has flown by all too quickly!

It's been enjoyable catching up on all my favorite blogs and reading the latest news and announcements coming from the FGS Conference in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Still catching my breath from unpacking, laundry, and teaching three sessions of a computer class for my genealogical society today, I hope to post more soon.

Thanks to all who visited during my absence. While understandably low this last week, my stats did not bottom out as badly as I had expected. It's definitely good to be back!

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