Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Another Must-Visit Website: Shoestring Genealogy

With my new layout and then the hubbub over the situation, you may not have noticed that I have added another site to my Must-Visit Websites area (left-hand sidebar). "Shoestring Genealogy focuses on lowering the costs of research and raising the quality of information obtained," according to their mission statement. As a family historian and genealogist by avocation, I am always looking for prudent ways to cut my expenses without decreasing the quality of my research. There is a wealth of treasure on this site, from links to free forms, presentations, chat rooms, and tips, just to skim the surface. Dae Powell has done a wonderful job with the content, as well as designing a fantastic new look to the site (for us Firefox users, this site works best with Internet Explorer). Dae also created--at my request for something that would fit my blog's sidebar and stand out--the beautiful linking graphic that you see under "Must-Visit Websites."

I was honored that Dae awarded me the GENTREK Seal of Approval, even though I had never heard of GENTREK before! I learned that it "is a special teaching chat that presents a different genealogy topic every week to help you along your GENealogy TREK." The topics are listed in alpha order, by author, and by presentation date, for ease of navigation. Don't they look interesting?

There are a lot of fabulous resources at these sites, and I encourage you to browse around. As my friend Donna Potter Phillips says, "if you don't spend at least a half-an-hour on a new site, you are missing things!"

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