Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Can You Read It?

Michael John Neill has a fun activity going on over at his blog, Rootdig. It's called "Can You Read It?" He posts images of signatures and handwritten entries from censuses and other documents, and challenges you to transcribe them. I think I've come close on a few of them, and am impatiently waiting for him to reveal the answers.

Michael's blog is a fun place to visit, anyway. He has many census entries of celebrities posted there, including recently deceased entertainer, Frankie Laine.

I had the pleasure of meeting Michael when he came to Spokane last year as a guest speaker for the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society's October Workshop. His four lectures were Organizing Your Information: Seeing the Patterns; Researching the Entire Family; Locating Immigrant Origins; and Tried and Tested Tidbits. Not only were his lectures interesting and educational, he made a great emcee in co-hosting the Ways and Means Committee's book and CD raffle. Thanks, Michael!

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Bubba said...

You are most welcome and thanks for the comments and for mentioning the handwriting entries on my site. I've posted answers to a couple you submitted and we've added a new one as well.

I enjoyed my time in Spokane as well and the Society is to be commended for putting on a great workshop!