Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Firefox's Scrapbook Extension - Keeping Track of Online Research

One of the (many) benefits of subscribing to Smart Computing magazine is receiving e-mail newsletters with links to some of the upcoming issue's articles, available online to subscribers only. Of interest is an editorial on a new Firefox extension called "Scrapbook." According to the article, "With the Firefox ScrapBook extension, you can store copies of relevant information, pages, and entire Web sites in one spot: the same browser window you use to track down answers." For researchers, it's a great way to keep track of one's sources while researching online. You can capture the entire page in a screenshot-type image and then save in a menu for later access, similar to bookmarking. You can also pick and choose to capture only select parts of the webpage, including tables, text, and single images. The menu appears in a left-hand sidebar, along with any folders and subfolders you create to organize them.

I plan to try this extension out, and will report back on my progress.

I also recommend checking out the above article when it appears on newsstands, or better yet, subscribing to Smart Computing. Here's a list of ten great reasons to subscribe.

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