Friday, July 03, 2009

A New Discovery: Got Genealogy?

A couple of weeks ago, I read a message from a woman on a genealogy mailing list. She had found a new online genealogy resource and was eager to share it. She then shared the name and URL of this "new" resource, and I realized it was a website that I have been visiting for nearly two years now. "New" to her was not new to me. That is the disadvantage or advantage, depending upon one's perspective, of being a genealogy blogger with access to the latest press releases. You learn about all the latest and greatest as they happen, but then you also start believing there isn't anything "new" out there!

My latest discovery was a nice surprise. I stumbled upon it quite by accident, having Googled the phrase "online city directories" to attempt to find more resources for my Online City, County, and Rural Directories website. My search led me to a .pdf document, the February 2008 issue of Got Genealogy? News, which in turn led me to a great "new" (to me!) website!

Got Genealogy?, founded by Lisa B. Lee, bills itself as a resource that uses "the tools of the future to discover your past." Each month they put out their four-page .pdf newsletter which is usually focused on one research theme, such as city directories, vital records, online libraries, state archives, etc. They also highlight a website each month on their website. Additionally, they put the fun into research by submitting a challenge to their readers, who attempt to solve the puzzle and win some fabulous prizes!

I hope that Got Genealogy? is a new resource for you and that it will soon become a familiar one as well!
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