Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Gustave Anjou is on Facebook

I'm really surprised more people haven't blogged about this (Randy did on his Geneaholic blog): Gustave Anjou is on Facebook! For those of you who are saying, "Who?", let me educate you a bit. Gustave Anjou, born Gustave Ludwig Jungberg in 1863, was--as Wikipedia states--a "self-proclaimed genealogist who has been accused of fakery." Anjou was hired by many East Coast families to research their heritage, and produced multiple massive volumes of family history, intentionally creating false lineages and connecting families without evidence or citations. Genealogical standards are now such that any books authored by Anjou are not considered credible sources. Sadly, many of his books are still found in libraries around the country and are consulted and used by family historians who are ignorant of his shady dealings.

Of course, since Gustave Anjou died in 1942, the person claiming to be him on Facebook is not the real deal. There is a bit of a buzz among the genealogists at Facebook as we try to figure out who he really is!

Personally, I am wondering if he is the same person as the Ancestry Insider, another mystery person in the online genealogy world!
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