Monday, February 18, 2008

Postcard from Unsigned Sender to Rena LERFALD, 9 Dec 1908

Recently, my father-in-law loaned us a pile of postcards that had belonged to his maternal grandparents, George Rice WESTABY, III and Rena LERFALD. Actually, the majority belonged to Rena. Here is the next one in the collection:

"468. Making Up."


This card was postmarked 9 Dec 1908, 8 PM, from Baldwin, Wisconsin, and appears to have been written by Rena's sister, Anna, to her. Apparently at a later date, Rena wrote over the message with an ink pen so that it could be read easier:

"Hello Rena--how are you. I got over Sunday fine. How is your foot? Olaf is kind of spunkey. He could not get over Saterday [sic] night, he said. bye Bye"

I'm not sure who Olaf was. Could it have been their brother Ole? Perhaps he was a friend, cousin, or a suitor of Anna's. I'm also uncertain as to the message on the front of the postcard: had the sisters quarreled? Or was this merely a convenient card on hand that was sent with no thought of the text?

Source: The Westaby-Lerfald Postcard Collection. Privately held by Troy Midkiff, Vancouver, Washington.
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