Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stay Tuned...

Last Sunday, at Scanfest, I mentioned to Jasia that I never seem to run out of ideas to blog about, but I do run out of time to get them written in an efficient manner. For instance, right now I have 13 posts sitting in my drafts folder, with another 3 or 4 ideas in my head. Let's not even talk about my AnceStories2 blog, which I've sadly neglected, but for which I have half a dozen posts started as well!

I had hoped to get the next "issue" in the story of my great-grandfather's service in the American North Russian Expeditionary Forces (ANREF) posted early this week. Then a little matter sprang up in the online genealogy world and I was busy keeping my readers updated on that!

So the last two afternoons and evenings I've done more research on that next ANREF post...but the more I research I do and information I uncover, the more I want to know! Oh, yeah, I also want to participate in the next Carnival of Genealogy, too!

Stay tuned...!
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