Saturday, July 18, 2015

July 2015 Scanfest Has Been Cancelled

I'm cancelling Scanfest for July.

I have a fantastic reason to do so.

See this couple looking adoringly at one another?

That's my sister with her Mr. Wonderful. And they are going to be married next week, the day I had planned for the July Scanfest way back in December.

As genealogists, we love weddings! A whole new branch to tie into the family tree; another family to research!

But as the sister of the bride, I have my own reasons for loving this marriage. You see, my sister is a wonderful woman. She's a loyal friend, a loving mother, a dedicated nurse, and an I'll-be-there-for-you-no-matter-what sister. She deserves a great guy, and she is getting one.

Lucky me; I get another family to research AND I get another wonderful brother, nephew, and niece in the bargain! Good people who will make great family members.

We'll commence Scanfest again in August; the 30th, to be exact. Be on the lookout for the upcoming announcement. And send your best wishes and thoughts to Sis and Mr. Wonderful next Sunday as they celebrate the beginning of a whole new life together.

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