Sunday, June 01, 2014

Signature Sunday: Ezra DICKINSON

This signature of my 4th-great-grandfather, Ezra DICKINSON, comes from the marriage license that he applied for on 7 November 1820 in Trumbull County, Ohio. His signature testified that he had made "a solemn oath" that he had attained the age of 21, that his intended, Cynthia PHILLIPS (my 4th-great-grandmother), had attained the age of 18, and they were no closely related than first cousins. Ezra and Cynthia were married five days later, possibly in the community of Fowler, although they both resided in Johnston Township. Their marriage record has the place name Fowler with the marriage return date, so it's not clear if that is the marriage location or just a notation that the return was documented there.

Although this was his first marriage, it certainly was not his last. He married four more times, outliving his first four brides, but making his fifth wife a widow when he died 17 September 1886 in Auburn, DeKalb County, Indiana. 

You can read his published biography here and learn more about his Civil War service here.

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