Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ArkivDigital - Free of Charge 28-30 December 2010

The following is a press release from ArkivDigital, a Swedish genealogy database website:

All of us at ArkivDigital would like to thank you for the past year by offering you and anyone who is interested in genealogy, the opportunity to use ArkivDigital - ADOnLine2 Free of Charge, Tuesday-Thursday (28-30 December 2010). Feel free to tell your friends about this possibility.
Svensk version av detta nyhetsbrev gå till vår hemsida http://www.arkivdigital.se.

How do I get access to ArkivDigital archives for free?

To gain access to ArkivDigital and ADOnLine2 for free, you have to do a few things. It's quite easy and we are sure you will manage - just follow the instructions below carefully.
  1. Register as a new member
    • If you are already registered, go to the next paragraph.
    • If you are not already registered as a member, you will have to do the following: - Go to: http://www.arkivdigital.net/users/register and fill in the requested information. Be extra careful to write the correct E-mail address and password you choose. The password must be at least 6 characters and/or digits.
  2. Install the program ADOnLine2, http://www.arkivdigital.net/products/adonline/installation If you haven't the latest version installed, we advise you to install it now. The latest version is called 1.4.1. You can check which version you have if you open the program, click the Hjälp (Help) menu and then click Om (About). You can also try our English beta version.
  3. During installation, you will be prompted to answer some questions. You must respond to them "positively" and when the installation is complete, you should have a new icon called ADOnLine2 on your Desktop.
  4. Double click the icon to start the program...
  5. and the login box will pop up. Please enter your login information (Email and Password). Be sure to enter it in exactly the same as you did when you registered - capital and lowercase letters are significant.
    If you are receiving an error message regarding E-post/Lösenord (Email / Password) some information is wrong. Click to clear the error messages and then use the Arkiv menu (File menu) and then "Logga in" (Log in). Now, the login box pops up again. Erase all information and fill in the correct information again.
  6. Once you have logged in and you're now in the program and can start your research.
  7. To the left is a list of Archive Holders. Find for "your" parish/church in the list or type the name of it directly into the search field above. Click on the name in the list to select it.
  8. When you have selected your parish, the list of volumes from your chosen parish will show up. Search for a volume in the list and double click the left mouse button to open the volume.
  9. When the volume is opened you can browse it with -5, -1, +1 and +5 or in the drop down list (between -1 and +1).
  10. On the installation page you can also find a users manual for the program in English or here as a PDF-file: http://www.arkivdigital.net/download/images/929/Instruktion_2010-11-09-Eng.pdf

Customers service this week

We will answer questions as soon as we can. Sometimes we receive a lot of questions and if that is the case it can take a little while before you get your answer, but you will. It is always best to send via E-mail to: kundtjanst@arkivdigital.se

Frequently Asked Questions and Problems

  • We will add three extra days to all ongoing subscriptions.
  • If you have problems with the program and want help; Tell as much as you can, regarding what version are you using, what happens and what you are doing when it happens. Are there any error messages and what do they say? The more you can tell, the easier it is for us to quickly respond to you.
  • If you are completely without function you can try to install an older version of the program. At the bottom of the Installation page you can find links to older versions. Sometimes they work better.
  • If you have automatic login checked and receiving an error message regarding "E-post/Lösenord" (Email/password), close the error messages and then click the Arkiv menu (File menu), then click "Logga In" (log in). Now, the login box pops up again. Erase all data and type them again.

One year subscription for "Christmas and New Year price" of 995 SEK

(Live rates at 2010.12.27 13:16:00 UTC; 995.00 SEK = 146 USD)
We hope you haven't missed our special pricing on our annual subscription. For only 995 SEK you get access to ADOnLine2 in a year. Regular price is 1195 SEK - and the offer can only be purchased by individuals from December 20th 2010 through January 9th 2011.


Kathleen Brandt, Professional Genealogist said...

Sorry I missed this post. I would have loved to have participated in the trial.
Thanks though for making us aware of this swedish database.
Kathleen, a3Genealogy


Miriam Robbins said...

You are welcome, Kathleen!

Anonymous said...

it's time again... ArkivDigital for free March 16-17, 2013