Friday, September 24, 2010

Follow Friday: Dutch Ancestry Magazine Blog by Kirsten Huijsen

Today's Follow Friday post features the Dutch Ancestry Magazine Blog written by Kirsten Schimmel Huijsen of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This blog is part of the Dutch Ancestry Coach website, all of which is written in excellent English. Kirsten is a Dutch cultural historian and brings her experience and love of genealogy and Dutch history to her research and writing.

My favorite themed posts are Forgotten Crafts, in which Kirsten writes about Dutch professions and crafts that have gone by the wayside, such as the milkman, the ferryman, or the water and fire seller! Each post is illustrated with a photograph or painting depicting the professional or craftsman at work, and the history behind that craft is explained, as well as why it became obsolete. These expand your cultural knowledge of the Netherlands as well as help your research should you discover that one of your ancestors was engaged in one of these occupations!

Kirsten also writes about various historical events that happened not only in the Netherlands proper, but in the territories once ruled by this tiny kingdom, such as Indonesia. Additionally, she inserts her own family history and relates it to genealogical research.

The Dutch Ancestry Coach website offers a variety of genealogical resources including a free e-newsletter, free e-books, an interactive map, discussion groups, free coaching (giving you information so you can do the research yourself), as well as a variety of paid research and translation services.

If you have Dutch ancestry, you will definitely want to read the Dutch Ancestry Magazine Blog and subscribe to it in your favorite blog reader.You can follow Kirsten on Twitter and friend her on Facebook and LinkedIn, too.

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