Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Freebies and Special Offers!

This week, a number of freebies and special offers designed to help genealogists with technology and research went online:

Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers and High-Definition Genealogy added four new free Cheat Sheets to his blogs (he already had one for Twitter which he created a year ago): Google Docs: Getting Started, WordPress: Getting Started, Blogger: Getting Started, and Facebook for Genealogists. These are all in .pdf format and can be saved to your computer and/or printed up to put in a binder.

Steve Danko of Steve's Genealogy Blog put together the free A Beginner’s Guide to Eastern European Genealogy, a .pdf version of his three-part series he published on his blog.

And to celebrate her genealogy talk today on "Using Social Networks for Genealogy" at the Immigrant Genealogy Society in Burbank, California, 20-year-old Elyse Doerflinger is offering her e-book, Conquering The Paper Monster Once And For All! for only $3.99. This offer is good until May 30th.

I now have a Special Offers page on my blog that lists all the current special offers, freebies, contests, and discounts available in the genealogy world. Check it out!


Thomas MacEntee said...

Thanks for the shout out on the cheat sheets Miriam! I hope to have the Google Reader sheet up this week.

Also, I've just been told of a super way to get a year's subscription to for free! I will have more at GeneaBloggers tomorrow!

Miriam Robbins said...

Thomas, I'm always glad to highlight your genealogy goodies! I'll be checking out your post re: Footnote tomorrow, for sure!

Mary said...

Thanks for all the great links to the great stuff!

Miriam Robbins said...

You're welcome!

Steve Danko said...

Thanks for mentioning "A Beginner's Guide to Eastern European Genealogy", Miriam. I really appreciate your support!

Miriam Robbins said...

You are welcome, Steve. Your guide looks so interesting that I'm disappointed I have no Eastern European ancestors to research! :-)