Wednesday, August 19, 2009 Bringing High-Speed Scanners to FGS in Little Rock is excited to provide FGS conference attendees the opportunity to have their family records scanned, for free, on high–speed scanners.

The scanners will be available for up to 15-minute scanning sessions on Thursday, September 3, through Saturday, September 5, during the exhibit hall hours.

Scanning-session signs-ups will open each morning—sign up Thursday morning for a Thursday time slot, Friday morning for a Friday time slot, and so on. The scanning machines and sign-ups will be located in the Toltec Lobby registration area of the Statehouse Convention Center.

To help finalize scanning plans, we're asking conference attendees to visit the following URL and let us know if they will be bringing items to scan:

Details about Scanning

· imaging specialists will operate the scanner

· is bringing two scanners to the conference: a high–speed, loose–leaf scanner that will scan documents and photographs in full color and a planetary scanner for books and more fragile items

· Attendees will be able to scan about 100 family photographs or documents during a 15–minute session

· Scanned images will be saved to flash drives (provided at no cost by and given to attendees. (Note: Scanned images will NOT be uploaded to the website by personnel.)

· Due to anticipated demand, conference attendees will be able to sign up for only one scanning session during the conference

  • There is always a possibility that damage to older, more fragile documents may occur during the scanning process. urges patrons to use their best judgment when choosing documents to be scanned.

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