Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day Posts

This weekend, I planning to clean, decorate, and photograph the graves of my husband's and my family members buried in local cemeteries (there aren't many). I also take the extra flowers from the bouquet of roses I bring and place them on a few Civil War veterans' graves at Greenwood Memorial Terrace.

We'll probably visit the Amelia Earhart exhibit at Heritage Funeral Home, and then go home to have a barbecue and enjoy family time.

Last year, I wrote 43 posts--one a day for a month and a half--on each of the men who served during the Civil War in my husband's and my family trees. These men were either our direct ancestors, or brothers/sons of direct ancestors. To view their stories, photos, and some gravestone pictures, go here.

Here are some other archived posts featuring Memorial Day and things related:

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