Friday, October 31, 2008

Bye Bye, Busy October

The last of the little goblins have departed my doorstep, I've brought the jack o' lanterns inside, and bid farewell to Hallowe'en and October. It's been a very busy month again for me, between family and my work, local Family History Month events, and teaching my latest Online Genealogy class for the Community Colleges of Spokane. Also, I got an opportunity to speak with...oh, wait, that's a surprise (stay tuned!) . I didn't get a chance to participate in many of the Genea-Blogger events this month, but did take what opportunities I could to read posts during my breaks at work via Google Reader.

I did, however, update the links whenever I had time on the "October Is..." post. You can go there to view all the carnivals, challenges and other events that took place.

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