Monday, October 01, 2007

Happy Family History Month!

October has always been one of my favorite months, with several family members' and close friends' birthdays, the full-blown expression of fall (my favorite season), our annual Robbins Reunion, and--of course--Family History month! There are many ways to celebrate this, whether as a family or with your local genealogical society. The Eastern Washington Genealogical Society always has its all-day October Workshop the first weekend in October, in place of its general society meeting. Often a well-known speaker is invited in; but sometimes, like this year, we combine local talents and skills and present a wonderful program such as "Journeys: Tracing the Steps of Our Ancestors." This theme centers on immigration records and migration trails, and I'm looking forward to expanding my knowledge in these areas!

This month is also Heritage Month for those of Czech-, German-, Italian-, and Polish-American ancestry. If your heritage includes one or more of these ethnic groups, you may wish to check with your local genealogical, historical, or ethnic societies--or with your local library--to see what events may be scheduled in your community to celebrate this. Check again with your library to see if books and other materials on your heritage are displayed for easy access and check out. You may also wish to visit genealogical book websites and stores to see if books, CDs and other medium are on sale for these particular heritage groups. I recommend the store, Genealogical Publishing Company, Willow Bend Books, and

Keep a lookout at major genealogy websites for specials as well: Ancestry, WorldVitalRecords, Footnote, and others sometimes offer limited access to related databases during holidays or heritage months.

And check out Kimberly Powell's lists of ways to celebrate the month at Genealogy! Enjoy celebrating your heritage and your family history!

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