Saturday, October 20, 2007

Busy Week = Light Blogging

View digital images of Texas Birth and Death Certificates Online.

I can't remember when I've had such a light blogging week without being out of town. Being ill on and off the past couple of weeks has prompted me to get to bed as early as possible this week, for my health's sake. It's also just been plain busy around here: Monday evening was my third of four weekly Online Genealogy classes I'm teaching; Thursday, I spoke to the Kootenai County Genealogical Society in North Idaho (what a great group they are!). Later this morning, I will be attending a computer class on Online Land Records for members of the Eastern Washington Genealogical Society. Tomorrow afternoon, a team of four members of EWGS (including myself) will be participating in the "Spokane is Spelling" spelling bee to raise money for the Spokane Public Library Foundation, and to give our society a little publicity. The wife/mom/homemaker side of me has been busy caring for other members of the family who've been ill, making sure teens get caught up on schoolwork after being absent, and trying to catch up on housework and paperwork that have naturally piled up from neglect.

Even though I didn't do any posting of my own, I did keep current this week by reading all my favorite blogs and commenting here and there. For those few of my readers who do not read other genealogy blogs, I want to recap some recent highlights:
  • *Georgia's death index from 1919 - 1927 is now available online with links to digital images of original death certificates. Details are here.

  • *The parent company that owns, The Generations Network, has been acquired by Spectrum Equity Investors. Details are here, and a current list of commentary and interviews of CEO Tim Sullivan are here.

  • *"Halloween and the Supernatural" was the theme of the 34th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy, which was hosted by Jasia at Creative Gene. Click on the link to read your free online "magazine" of great genealogy-related "articles" written by 19 bloggers!

  • *Craig Manson, our resident genea-blogging law professor, has published a new series of law lessons entitled "Defamation and Privacy Issues in Genealogy" on his blog, GeneaBlogie. The first post is here. Craig's last series on the law regarding genealogy was about whether violated copyright law with its Internet Biographical Database (part one of that series is here).
Several bloggers have mentioned the beautiful autumn colors they've observed in their communities (see, we're not always stationed in front of our computers!). We've had some lovely color here as well, but it's not been as dramatic. This year, showers, gray skies, and a damp chill have replaced our normal Indian Summer season of warm, sunny afternoons and cold, crisp starry nights. I miss what I call my "October Blue" skies which usually provide a stunning contrast with the fall crimsons, rusts, and golds! Snow has been reported in the higher elevations and to the north. Our month-long "Seattle weather" is probably to blame for the recent rash of chills, sniffles, and bugs that's been sweeping our community as of late.

Well, I'm off to practice for tomorrow's spelling bee: abeyance: a...b...e...

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