Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Fifth Blogiversary

Hard to believe, but today marks the fifth anniversary that I began writing this blog, over at the Bravenet Journal platform. I later switched to Blogger and transferred all my early posts over. My first post was Moses Crothers - possible son of John Crothers and Mary "Polly" Wyckoff?  I haven't yet proved Moses was John and Mary's son, but in the past five years I've met some amazing people, online and off, because of this blog. I've added to my family tree from research I've written about here or from relatives stumbling across this blog after a Googling a common ancestor. I've been featured twice in the local paper and had Google Books send a film crew to my home to make a video highlighting how I use Google Books in genealogy...all thanks to this blog and to my wonderful readers.

I've had ups and downs with blogging and even though right now is kind of a quiet time again for AnceStories, I appreciate those who faithfully and patiently stick with me and wait for my next post. So enjoy a piece of virtual cake and celebrate with me! Here's to all of you!
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