Saturday, June 27, 2009

Surname Saturday: ROBBINS

My maiden name is ROBBINS, and I have been able to trace this line definitely back seven generations (not counting my own) to two 5th-great-grandfathers, both of whom were ROBBINSes. My 4th great-grandparents were Joseph Josiah ROBBINS (1820 - 1905) and Marinda ROBBINS (1824 - 1912), and whether or not they were related to each other is not known to me. Joseph was the son of George ROBBINS of Otsego County, New York (some records indicate he was born in New Jersey, Massachusetts, or Connecticut) and Marinda was the daughter of convicted murderer Uzza ROBBINS (b. c. 1792 in Vermont or New York) of New York and Pennsylvania, who was hung in 1850 for his crime.

Stories and History:

The ROBBINS Family History on my website.

Ahnentafel #128: I have seen information that gives the possibility that my George ROBBINS may be the George Washington ROBBINS of Connecticut who married Abigail HICKS and died in Chautauqua County, New York by 1854, but I have not yet found evidence to satisfy me.

Ahnentafel #130: Uzza ROBBINS' story of his crimes (he murdered his second wife and attempted to murder his step-daughter; later it was determined he murdered his son in another incident) and his beheading after his execution (the first in McKean County, Pennsylvania) and three disinterments are fascinating and can be read here.

#64: Joseph Josiah ROBBINS was a Civil War veteran and his story was written in the history of Oceana County, Michigan. It can be read here. Three of his sons were named a variation of Ben!

#32: Joseph and Marinda ROBBINS' oldest son Charles H. ROBBINS (1844 - 1934) was my ancestor. He also was a Civil War veteran who fought in many of the famous battles, and I have told his story here.

#16: Charles' son Angelo Merrick ROBBINS (1874 - 1923) was a schoolteacher who died young due to a ruptured appendix. You can read his story here.

#8: Angelo's son, William Bryan ROBBINS (1896 - 1972), served during WWI in North Russia as a Polar Bear. Read more here. I've also written extensively about his experiences in North Russia on this blog.

#4: My beloved paternal grandfather, Robert Lewis ROBBINS (1920 - 2003), was a WWII veteran, and you can read all about him here. I remember how well he could ride a unicycle!

More about the ROBBINS family:

1. Online database (I update this at least once a month): ROBBINS ancestors and relatives (no info on living persons available)

2. Some ROBBINS obituaries

3. Posts about ROBBINS ancestors and relatives on this blog

4. Some scanned ROBBINS documents

5. Some scanned ROBBINS photos

6. My ROBBINS Virtual Cemetery on Find A Grave

The ROBBINS immigration trail:

George ROBBINS' line: Otsego Co., NY > Chautauqua Co., NY?

Uzza ROBBINS' line: Broome Co., NY > Susquehanna Co., PA > Potter Co., PA > McKean Co., PA

Joseph ROBBINS and descendants to myself: Otsego Co., NY > Chautauqua Co., NY > Tioga Co., PA > McKean Co., PA > Oceana Co., MI > Cottonwood Co., MN > Oceana Co., MI > Newaygo Co., MI > Muskegon Co., MI > Ottawa Co., MI > AK > Stevens Co., WA > Spokane Co., WA
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